A week in New York: ups and (especially) downs

At the end of last month (March 2005) my wife and I returned once again to New York, where we lived for more than four years in the 1960s and to which we have returned many times, especially since our daughter and our two granddaughters have been living there. It was of course, as always, lovely to see them and to spend time with them again; and it’s always good to be back in that energetic, buzzing city. But in other respects it was not a wholly successful week, and not just because of the torrential rain. To read a (partially tongue-in-cheek) account of it, click here.

Miss Liberty, but not from the Ellis Island ferry Posted by Hello

We went on from New York to spend 12 days with our son and his partner in California and saw not a single drop of rain throughout our time there.