About Ephems, Brian’s blog

To access Ephems, click the ‘Blog’ tab in the menu at the top of every page.  To receive a notification of all new blog posts by email, write in your email address and name in the left-hand panel under where it says “Get Blog posts by email”.  You don’t need to do this to write comments on a blog post at the foot of it.  When you post a comment, you can also tick a box at the bottom of every comment text box to be notified of all new comments on that blog post.

You can write your comment straight into the comment box, or copy-and-paste it (for example, from Word). If you want to do that, press Control+V in the comment box to paste your previously copied text into the comment box.

Many of the blog posts on Ephems are re-published by the left-of-centre website LabourList where they often attract lively and controversial comments: you can read them at http://labourlist.org/author/brian-barder/.

You can see a list of all the blog posts in a particular category by clicking the “Blog” tab at the top and then the category you’re looking for, and a list of pieces on the website (not in the blog) by category by clicking the “Other Writings” tab at the top.  You can find a word or phrase wherever it appears in either a blog post or the rest of the website by writing a word or phrase (enclosed in double quotation marks if more than one word) in the box under “Search this Site”.