Caribbean cruise diary

The latest addition to my website is a two-part, mostly not-too-serious diary of our cruise to thesunsetgren.JPG Caribbean in November 2005.  To read these, click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2.  Guidance on how to have a look at some of our cruise pictures is here

Next year (2006) we’ll be doing a more up-market cruise to St Petersburg and some Scandinavian capitals, if we can still find some kind insurance company willing to sell travel insurance to a couple of old codgers with colourful medical histories (why are insurance companies so risk-averse when they charge such enormous premiums?).   Watch this space for an account of that one, too — but not until next July.

PS:  No, we’re not paying the impressive prices for that St Petersburg cruise that you see on its website:  for some arcane reason we qualify for a hefty discount (don’t ask).