Life at the Daily Telegraph

By Sam Leith,  Daily Telegraph, 17 October 2005:

For my own curiosity, I tried making a list of substances I’ve used that I shouldn’t have, and arrived at: speed, dope, acid, ecstasy, MDMA, ketamine, amyl nitrate, cocaine, nitrous oxide, magic mushrooms, temazepam, valium, salvia divinorum and khat. (Also, Rohypnol, though that was by accident. How did I know she was going to swap our drinks?)
This isn’t the pharmacopeia of a determined drug fiend. It’s pretty much what you’d expect from an average, middle-class drug tourist of my age and circumstances. I’ve never tried crack or heroin, and have done none of the others in great quantities.

And who is Sam Leith, I hear you ask?

SAM LEITH is 31 years old. Literary Editor of The Telegraph, he also contributes book reviews, snide gossip and other nonsense to The Spectator and Literary Review. He lives in Brixton with his brother and a cat called Henry. The cat regards him with suspicion.

I think I’m with the cat.   Still, 10 out of 10 for candour.   David Cameron, you listening?

Acknowledgements to Tim Worstall.