Notice to contributors of comments and subscribers to Ephems blog

This is a message to contributors of comments and Ephems subscribers with the initials RS, JM and PM:  you have all registered to receive a notification of any new comment posted on a particular blog post (usually those on which you have yourselves commented), but the email notifications to each of you that are automatically triggered each time there’s a new comment or post are being batted back as undeliverable.  This means that the email address which you gave when posting a comment or registering for notifications of new posts or comments is not working, either because it’s out of date, or because your mailbox is full, or for some other reason.

The remedy is to re-subscribe to Ephems using an up-to-date and functioning email address.  You can do this by scrolling down to the foot of the left-hand pane in and filling in your details in the relevant boxes.

Alternatively send a private email to me from  quoting your current and working email address, and I will amend the subscribers’ database accordingly.

But none of this will work retrospectively:  to read the comments of which you have not received any notifications, please visit and look through  recent comments on the latest blog posts.

Your email address or addresses past and present will not appear anywhere on the blog.  They will be accessible only to me.