Website down, blog still clinging on — Update, 27.4.08: now revived!

Faithful visitors to my website (, host to this blog, will have noticed that it seems to have expired, although some of its individual pages are still breathing and available, e.g. via links to them from earlier blog posts.  I have appealed for First Aid to my web guru, who however is currently somewhat preoccupied with packing up for three years' hard labour in Ethiopia, so it may be a little while before normal service is restored, if ever. 

Meanwhile, as you'll have gathered if you can read this, Ephems continues to function.  I just hope it isn't about to succumb to the same life-threatening condition as its aged website parent — although if it does, that might actually allow me enough time to read one or two of the books that continue to pile up beside my bed, untouched by human hand.  Books! — remember them?

Anyway, in case you fancy browsing again among the infinite riches of, keep clicking away on the link, and who knows?  maybe some day it will pop up again as if nothing had happened.

Update (25 April 08):  Web guru has obtained a diagnosis (unintelligible to me) from the server and expects to effect a cure over the weekend.  Ephems not apparently under immediate threat. 

Update (27 April 08):  Web guru has succeeded, after much manipulation of rogue code, in restoring my home page in all its slightly dated glory, including links to other pages.   Grateful thanks for that — and a loud raspberry to the software people who changed the code without telling anyone.