A week in Paris AFK

Ephems is off to Paris tomorrow for a week Away From Keyboard, or AFK, as the knowing anoraks say.   No more new posts after today, for a week;  no more comments on comments, however misguided (or provocative or laudatory).    Ephems will spend the week basking, not in the sun (the forecast is for almost continuous showers) but in the warm glow of having been awarded pride of place in last week's Britblogs of The Week for a recent post.  Thanks for that, Tim. 

On our return we'll be scouring the blogs to find out the significance, if any, of next Thursday's local election results.  Luckily for Labour, we had already cast our postal votes before the Affairs Clarke and Prescott broke.  I don't include La Hewitt in that galère since it seems to me clear that the fat little finger of blame points unerringly at the bellowing nurses and their misguided cheer-leader, not at the Secretary of State, however patronising her manner.  Canberra Girls' Grammar, I put that down to, topped up by Newnham.  But her middle name is Hope.

Happy May-Day! 

Postscript after our return:  You can see a not-too-solemn diary of our week in Paris here .


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  1. Martin Kelly says:


    Canberra Girls Grammar?

    Not the school depicted in ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’?


    Enjoy your break.

    Brian comments: Alas, no: I suspect that Canberra Girls’ Grammar, an admirable institution (I lived next door to it for three happy years, although the happiness was wholly unrelated to the propinquity of the school and its girls), is a rather more stolid and respectable place than the romantic academy for young ladies of the state of Victoria depicted in Hanging Rock — a film which all who have seen it find it impossible to get out of their minds. Hard to imagine Patricia[n] Hewitt having an attack of the vapours half-way up.

    Thanks for the good wishes. I’m indeed enjoying the break, not least because I have discovered a fast and reliable wireless broadband signal where I am staying. Hence this!

    Paris, 4 May 06