An Iraq Photo-Diary

Stephen Grey, whose articles on Iraq and many other issues appear in the New Statesman, Sunday Times, Atlantic Monthly and other places, has put on his personal web-site a fascinating account of his visits as a foreign correspondent to Iraq since the invasion and occupation. It is lavishly illustrated with his own and others’ photographs. Not to be missed. n.b. Open it in MS Internet Explorer: it doesn’t load properly in some other browsers, such as Firefox. Just click on:

Iraq photodiary

Because of the many photographs, it may take a few moments to load if you have a slow connection.

If you want to leave any comments below this post, I will pass them on to Stephen.


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  1. Owen Beith says:

    Interesting and honest account. Very difficult to read most of it in Netscape. But “All the media reports of the insurgency tend to underplay the general collapse of security that touches the lives of all Iraqis.” – really? I find that statement difficult to reconcile with most reports I have read or heard.