Contact facility restored

Update, 1730 GMT Wed 15 Feb 06:  This seems to be working again!

I have been receiving huge numbers of bogus messages sent from the ‘Contact’ facility of this website, despite the filters in it.  A few have been commercial spam; many others have contained a single line of gibberish.  (It’s hard to know what kind of warped mind goes in for this kind of thing.)  Anyway, further attempt to stem the tide of spam and other meaningless stuff have resulted in all messages being blocked.  However it now seems to have been magically restored, and there have been no bogus messages for a couple of days…


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  1. matt says:

    As a matter of interest did you come across the governments Bill to End the Need for Bills (AKA The Legislative and Regulatory Reform
    Bill)….and if so what do you think?

    Brian writes:  Thanks very much for drawing attention to this.  In fact Owen’s blog picked it up a week ago:  see (including my own and other Comments on it).   Let’s see what reaction the Times article gets, if any.  It’s certainly pretty alarming on the face of it.