Ephems AFK

From the crack of dawn on Sunday, 6 November, this column (as virtual journalists like to describe themselves, resembling the royals in their aversion to use of the first person singular) will be away on holiday, rarely if ever reading e-mails, even more rarely sending them, and not reading or writing blog entries at all.  Whether this will be a blessed release, or whether it will mean the agonies of cold turkey and withdrawal symptoms (drop in body temperature, the shakes, sweating, obsessive urge to send text messages and to check the mobile phone every 15 minutes even when in mid-ocean and out of range of any possible transmitter;  loss of appetite;  incipient dipsomania; flatulence;  mal de mer;  etc., etc.) will be revealed in early December, unless this column’s PC has succumbed to a lightning strike before then.  Come back soon!

Here’s a clue.  

Oh, and in case any newbies are reading this and can’t translate, AFK = Away From Keyboard.  (Of course!  <Strikes forehead just above right eye with heel of hand>)  

See you again in December.


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