Indeterminate Sentences for Public Protection (IPPs): some Web documents

I have put on this website a list of documents on the Web referring to Indeterminate Sentences for Public Protection (IPPs).  The list is of course by no means comprehensive.  Some of them refer to IPPs among many other subjects (if you don’t see IPPs immediately, use the Find facility — ctrl+F).  It is a web page, not a blog post, so it does not accept comments.  Comments on any of the documents may however be made at the end of this blog post.

The list of documents, including links to the full texts of each, is at

I have not tested each link, and some of them may not work.

My most recent blog post about IPPs (and the recent judgment of the European Court of Human Rights) is at and is open for comments.




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  1. Martina says:

    Thank you for giving me informative information regarding the IPP sentence.  You work very hard at supporting this.

    Brian writes: Thank you: you’re very welcome!