Mimi of Georgia on the war in Iraq

‘Mimi’ of the ‘red’ (i.e. Republican) state of Georgia in the US posted today a comment on an Ephems entry of mine dating back to July 2004, more than a year ago.  Since few are likely to read it there, I am reproducing it here so that it may have a wider readership:

From MIMI  August 7th, 2005 at 5:49 pm e
With regard to MM’s Fahrenheit 911, upon viewing the film again recently, I now realize how understated and indeed conservative Moore’s assertions actually were. In fact, the Bush administration’s total disregard for international law and human rights is an affront to all people of conscience. As an Amerian living in the red state of Georgia, I find I cannot adequately express my horror at the shameful behavior of the thugs, thieves, mass murderers and war criminals, who currently threaten our civil liberties, security and freedom. Of course, I am referring to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Bolton, Feith, Wolfowitz, and yes, appallingly, I must include Mr. Blair, for they are the real evil doers of our time. Not only have they invaded countries, imprisoned, tortured and murdered foreign citizens for oil and empire, they have waged false flag “terrorist attacks” against their own people, thus murdering innocents and brainwashing the electorate by a cynical and systematic scheme of fear and intimidation. Now they are dismantling our civil liberties and stifling dissent in an effort to install a total dictatorship. Indeed, we in the United States are witnessing the death of our democracy by a thousand cuts.
Please know that two of the most alarming aspects of our current dilemmaa are the complicity of the American corporate media and the corruption of our electoral system. Those of us who are aware of our dire situation have gained that knowledge from the internet, a few liberal radio stations and the foreign press. For instance, the massive anti-war demonstrations prior to the Iraqi invasion, were not covered in the American press; similarly, the Downing Street Memo, was ignored here initially and has yet to receive real coverage. Even more frightening is the assault on our voting system, which has been corrupted by corporate voting machines, owned and operated by Bush supporters and the defense industry. These machines, which can be hacked from remote locations, have reduced our elections to mere charades. Yet those in power refuse to acknowledge there is a problem, despite a great deal of evidence to the contrary. The result is that the people are disenfranchised, the corrupt rule and only warmongers need apply for elected office.
Public awareness is slowly spreading and the sleeping sheep are awakening at last. However, the outlook remains bleak. Vice President Cheney has warned us repeatedly it is “only a matter of time” until we are hit with a dirty bomb or some similarly catastrophic attack. With the passage of the anti-democratic Patriot Act, we are told that the President can declare martial law and suspend the Constitution, if we are hit with a major terrorist attack. If you believe in a higher power, please pray for your American cousins; if not, any suggestions, any aid or comfort you could offer would be most welcome at this critical moment.

  • I found this an eloquent indictment and a moving appeal.
  • Brian 

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    1. Tim Weakley says:

      Much as I agree with the general thrust of the above, I am puzzled by ‘false flag “terrorist attacks against their own people’. Surely she isn’t trying to suggest that the outrages of 11 Sept. 2001 and 7th July 2005 were devised and carried out by agencies of the U.S. and British governments at the instigation of those governments? Or the attacks on U.S. embassies in East Africa, or on a warship at Aden? That being so, what is she referring to, and with what authority? My memory must be even worse than I realised. Remind us!

    2. Brian says:

      In a private message, Mimi has asked me to say that she is reluctant to enter into a controversial debate in this particular forum on the matter raised by Tim in his comment (above), but that she meant exactly what she wrote and that she would never make such an allegation lightly or frivolously.


    3. Tim Weakley says:

      Well, she may be right, though I think less of her for not backing her allegations. However, my admittedly faulty memory for news can’t dredge up any event that might be construed as a mock-terrorist operation of the CIA or FBI Dirty Tricks Departments within the USA (unless it was that business with anthrax spores in 2002?), or by their British counterparts in the UK. What is your own opinion?

    4. Aidan says:

      There’s a pretty good summary here of the various allegations that she might be referring to:


      In fact, I really can’t see any explanation for ‘false flag’ other than that she believes that one or more of these is true.