North London’s Rachel breaks out into verse

"Rachel from North London", survivor of the 7/7 London bombings, fabulous blogger, natural writer, has won yet more spurs with some splendid verses on the New Labour over-reaction to the terrorist threat and the government's relentless assault on our civil liberties.  The last line of each verse ("The Rules of the Game Have Changed") is of course an ironical reference to that ill-judged and notorious remark by Tony Blair —

What I'm trying to do here is, and this will be followed up with the action in the next few weeks as I think you will see, is to send a clear signal out that the rules of the game have changed.

Few people are better qualified than Rachel, who has herself had the wrenching personal experience of terrorist violence at first hand, to make these comments with their biting irony, made infinitely more effective by being couched in almost flawless verse (flawless but for just two very slightly dodgy rhymes).  And that's not all (as the television commercials say): the verses are packed with dozens of highly relevant hyperlinks to original texts and reports, making the whole thing not just a wonderful read (even better declaimed aloud), but also a mini-compendium of quotations in support of the indictment.  It's lovely stuff, and should be chanted by Conference delegates in Manchester this week before and after The Leader's speech.  Don't miss it:

Hat-tip: Tim Worstall's weekly Britblog Roundup #84 (of course), issued today. 


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  1. Rachel says:

    Thank you very much for linking Brian, and for introducing me to your great blog