Paragraph breaks in Comments on Ephems

For some time now people writing comments on posts in this blog have been mortified to find that when they 'publish' them, they appear as a single paragraph with no line or paragraph breaks.  I have had to edit in the paragraph and line breaks myself.

This website's designer, resident guru and presiding genius has  spent long hours trying to locate and squash this tiresome bug.  He has at last succeeded, and I hope that from now on commenters (commentators?) won't have this problem any more.  If you do, please e-mail me to let me know (from the website Contact page).

Apologies for past frustrations.  Carry on commenting!

1 June 06

1 Response

  1. Owen Barder says:

    Furthermore, the comment facility comes with shiny new buttons that help you to make text bold, underlined, add links etc.

    So there is no excuse not to write as many comments as you like …