Jill in Bhutan

Error: the communication with Picasa Web Albums didn’t go as expected. Here’s what Picasa Web Albums said:

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404. That’s an error.

The requested URL /data/feed/api/user/brianbarder/album/JillinBhutan?kind=photo was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

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  1. Tim Weakley says:

    Nice pictures.  Pity there aren’t captions.  I have a very nasty feeling I should know who Jill is, from a recent posting – your daughter?

    Brian writes: The pictures are meant to be viewed in conjunction with https://barder.com/whats-jill-doing-in-bhutan which explains who my old friend Jill is, and reminds you of her earlier record of a visit to Vietnam on my website, including a fuller account of who she is on Ephems. But you’re right to the limited extent that Jill is still just about young enough to be my daughter, even though she isn’t!

    I agree about the lack of captions, but as I understand it the website’s new photograph ‘album’ facility doesn’t allow for text of any kind.

    Update (10 December): Captions are possible after all. I have added one to the first picture as a stop-gap measure. More to follow (I hope!).

  2. Brian says:

    With help from my filial web guru, I have now added a caption, as kindly supplied by Jill, to each picture.  (The caption appears below each picture when viewed full size, but is rather hard to read in that view as it appears in dark grey print on a black background.  I am investigating the possibility of changing this!)

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