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Ephems is going on holiday tomorrow, Sunday 14 September 2008, until the end of September.  So there'll be no new posts and no responses to new comments.  But keep them rolling in anyway!

Back online in October to discover what happened at the Labour Party Conference, whether Gordon is still the prime minister, and whether Senator McCain has by then an obviously unbridgeable lead over Senator Obama.  (If the Americans actually elect Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin, I fear that the rest of the sentient universe will take it that the United States has resigned from the world, and we'll just have to get on without them as best we can.  It might even jolt Britain, under its new government, into taking the EU seriously at last.)
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  1. amk says:

    US electoral college estimate including graph over time. "Too close to call" just about sums it up.

  2. amk says:

    Electoral college


    Brian, your installed version of FCKeditor doesn't play nice with Firefox 3, hence the broken links above. I'm posting this with MSIE.

    Brian writes:  Thanks, and apologies.  Corrective action is imminent.

  3. amk says:

    A real-money securities market on the POTUS election.