Ephems suspended for a while (with update 18 July)

Alert readers of this blog will have seen from a recent post about my rather positive experience earlier thisThat leg again month of an NHS hospital that I have had a problem with a badly infected leg.  According to the book, it should have responded by now to the Shock and Awe of an intensive antibiotic assault, first intravenously and lately by tablets, but unfortunately it hasn't.  So I'm back on the foul-smelling pills, with leg elevated ceiling-wards, and unless the infection surrenders unconditionally within 48 hours, I shall probably be back shortly on the dreaded IV (intravenous, not Roman four) in a hospital unlikely to be of my choice, and — worst penalty of all — without internet access. 

Meanwhile anyone desperate to know my views on Gordon's beginnings, Alastair's scribblings, Boy David's punishment of the Russians for refusing to breach their own constitution, further imminent blunders in deciding the future of Kosovo, and whether the future of the Special Relationship with George W. Bush is being decided by Lord Malloch Brown or by plain Mister Brown (the one in No. 10) — or even by that nice young Mr Douglas Alexander? — will just have to wait with such patience as he or she can muster.  Back soon, I hope.  No flowers, by request.  (Yet.)

Update (18 July):  I have a reprieve, graciously granted by my beautiful GP, who judges that I may continue to manage the leg at home with oral antibiotics, subject to continued progress and good behaviour — more of the latter than hitherto.  My release on licence is to be reviewed on Monday (23rd) so I'm superstitiously keeping my incarceration bag packed for the time being.  Meanwhile I'm to keep the leg elevated, calf higher than heart (surprisingly difficult posture to maintain while simultaneously using a laptop — try it!), minimum walking about or sitting, climbing stairs, etc.  But any price for staying out of reach of the dreaded cannula and hypodermics is worth paying.  So it remains much appreciated if friends will continue to keep e-mails to me to the minimum and please always copy them to my assiduous and long-suffering spouse.  Watch this space for any further late, late news.


3 Responses

  1. Thersites says:

    St George's I presume?  Best wishes.

    Brian writes:  Thanks for the good wishes.  I'm still clinging to the hope that I won't need to be recalled from parole after all….

  2. john says:


    So pleased about the reprieve. You have certainly had a 'doing' which you have borne with good humour. We do hope things go well from now on.

    All well here.We are in the midst of our own involvement with the threatened but forestalled Glasgow bombing. After two weeks interrogation emerged the thinnest of charges but in the current atmosphere anything might get up.  No suggestion other than he knew the bombers — apparently nothing to suggest he knew of the projected attacks.

    Any way you cannot concern yourself with these things. Get better.

    Best wishes,

                                 John and Jill 

    Brian writes:  I have sent appreciative thanks separately to this very nice message from our old Australian friends.  No doubt our own thought police, working with their opposite numbers under John Howard Down Under, will get the doctor-suspect arrested in Australia on some charge or other, even if his only provable offence was acquaintance with the plotters, while apparently knowing nothing of the plot.  (Not sure about my own 'good humour', though….)

  3. Andrew Milner says:

    Notice the Australian government is not re-instating the cancelled work visa of Dr. Mohamed Haneef. His apartment was trashed by the police and thus rendered uninhabitable. Now, about reperation. Should think a million dollars US would cover it. Just hope the Brit Police chip in.
    And to cap it all the lease ran out while he was in custody. “No smoke without fire”, right Johnny? This is deportation through the back door. The Aussie government sure are sore losers, especially when publicly humiliated. But they should put the blame where it lies, namely with the “shoot from the hip” British Police. Any country enjoying “best friend” status with the US seems to wind up in the top 10 of the Most Hated Nation list. Welcome aboard, blokes.