Owen blogs again

Owen in PhiladelphiaOlder bloggers may remember Owen Barder — yes, we are by no chance at all related — as a distinguished blogger who vanished from the radar screens some time ago after a little local difficulty of no lasting significance.  Now he's back in the blogosphere, based in Addis Ababa but currently posting in profusion from New York.  There's plenty to read about all his usual themes: development, running, development, cycling, Ethiopia, development and much else.  

Owen is the bright new chip off my ever older block and the resident guru of this website, Ephems, and all who sail on it or them:  three years ago he gave the whole thing a magnificent face-lift (admiringly recorded here)  and since then he has gallantly conducted running repairs to keep it alive.  Welcome back!


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  1. Justin says:

    Great news, Brian. I was sorry when Owen packed it in last year. Good to see him back.

  1. 8 July, 2008

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